Looking for Something Scary and New

In a weird way, fall feels more like a time for new beginnings than spring. Maybe it’s the festering remains of the brainwashing from enduring my K-12 years; each fall a new beginning. As a kid, I would leave my Transformers where they fell, right alongside the He-Man toys the year before, and start playing with the new G.I. Joes around the time the leaves turned. That pattern holds true for gaming. I have a deeper appreciation for gaming, and never get so bored with them like I did for all the plastic toys. There’s just so much more to appreciate with RPGs. Still, I tend to change things up. Even if I don’t flip to another game, I tend to jump to another world, like from Dark Sun to Planescape or from Werewolf: The Apocalypse to Vampire: The Masquerade. This fall is no different. I’ve been on a sci-fi kick for a good while now, but I think I’ll put that down for a while and go back to an old friend. The lure of the supernatural and macabre has whispering its seductions into my ear. I’ll be putting more of the weird and strange into my work on the Writer’s System, so if there’s anything along that genre you want to see, let me know. Maybe you’ll inspire me.