The Site Makeover and Things to Come

The compatibility issues with the old theme never got cleared up/updated, so I switched to a new one. It’s all nice, uncomplicated, it works well, and looks elegant in its simplicity. Everything is still there, otherwise. We’ll also be adding in the ability to sign in via Facebook, negating the need to create a new user account. I’m not sure if it will work with the PHPBB forums, but they’ve mostly been the playground for all the spammers from every country 007 had to deal with in the Bond movies.

The major events for Skwervo Games this year, aside from wrapping up the beta, is to finally publish a full game. More on that once we nail down the specifics. We have a general idea about what we’re going to do, but things are still in the concept stage right now. Who knows what bright idea may lead us in what final direction, but it’s got us excited nonetheless.

Enjoy Your Imagination,
Kell Myers