What is The Writer’s System?
The Writer’s System is a set of roleplaying game rules that allows for Game Masters and players to have the tools and freedom to best bring to life what’s in their imagination. One of the main concepts behind The Writer’s System is that GMs and players should approach their ideas the same way that a writer approaches theirs. The top priority is to make things that are interesting for the story.
Game Masters can create the universes and settings they want to have with rules that fit the feel they were striving for. The rules of The Writer’s System are easily modified or Hacked without tossing out the system’s core principles. With a few tweaks, a GM can make universes where larger than life heroes can shrug off a .45 caliber flesh wound to save the day all the way to settings where normal people are locked in a deadly struggle in the post-apocalyptic ruins of a world gone mad.
Character creation is centered around the idea of making fully realized and interesting characters that will add depth and meaning to stories rather than relying on rules that sacrifice creativity in favor of esoteric concepts like game balance. The Parameters used in The Writer’s System’s character creation process keep all the players on a level playing field while still allowing them near limitless freedom in putting their ideas to paper.
The Writer’s System
Imagine it. Create it. Play it.

An independent tabletop RPG based on player choice

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